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just letting you know that i quit madness, to be clear madness was the first community I ever joined since i was 7, tried plenty of others and left all of them madness wasn't my childhood I literally grew up with it and no other fanbase can offer me what madness gave me but lately, It has been invaded by the worst fucking crowd ever and it reached a point of no return for me you see madness has always been a small community where everyone made animations for the sake of improving and making the most kickass animations possible just for the sake of doing it, it used to be a community that encouraged the talented ones and helped the least good ones improve, there was drama here and there but it was usually just people acting like idiots while others laughed about it in the distance but since it got the popularity it got everything changed, most of the content that's being thrown out there and that's gaining the most attention are random unoriginal unfunny memes, shitty inaccurate videos talking about the low of madness and the fucking nsfw thumbnails and Minecraft thumbnails are making there way in the community and are taking over and overshadowing the good content that's been put out there both new and old, without mentioning the shitty fucking toxic politics and social justice that was never present in the community ever just before madness combat cringe compilation comes out, just letting everyone know, there was a time where madness was good and despite me being happy for krinkels to get the recognition he got, popularity has been the worst curse that has ever hit this fanbase and I has gone soo bad so far that it won't be fixed not in a million years, so in conclusion to all this shit, welp madness has changed for the worst, some people like it more like this but not me, sorry despite how mutch i love the series i can no longer stand being associated to it, madness is not cool anymore and not attractive to me I'll stay up to date with the original series but max2 will be my last contribution and interaction with the fanbase, and it doesn't matter which is good cuz no one cares and no one will ever care, just throwing this out there thnx to @metaliamine







and a lot of others for all the great time anyways , i won't be missed and i won't be remembered so whatever , see ya my nwords


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